High-tech CNC sub-contract machining business

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Background on James Brown Industries

James Brown Industries operates a high-tech CNC sub-contract machining business. We are experts in CNC Milling and CNC Turning.

Based in South Wales close to Motorway and air links we are ideally situated to despatch product to any destination.

Working to BS EN ISO 9001 our highly skilled workforce works 24/7 to ensure that our customers can access the highest quality machined components to suit their individual needs, budgets and deadlines.

We are expert in the precision machining of a number of materials that include:-

Stainless Steels including, Duplex and Super Duplex, C276/HC, 6Mo, MM, 825, 625, 316, 304 and 303. Titanium, Brass, Steel, Copper, Bronze, Aluminium and plastics.

We deal with all of the above in Bar, Billet and Casting form.

We have formed partnerships with clients within a number of fields including:-

Electrical, High Voltage Safety, Lighting, petrochemical Exploration, Automotive, Aerospace, Agricultural, Medical Devices, Commercial Furniture and Ministry of Defence.


We have the Machine Capacity and the flexibility of a highly trained staff to allow us to work on both large and small batches simultaneously. Very small batch and one off Prototype work is also easily catered for by our team.




Special Projects

special projects we have worked on- CNC Manufacturing, Production